California Pharmacy Professionals to Thrive Under President Biden’s COVID-19 Strategy

SACRAMENTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With over 40,000 pharmacists and 60,000 pharmacy technicians improving the health of Californians, the California Pharmacists Association (CPhA) applauds President Biden’s expansion of testing sites and the use of pharmacy professionals to vaccinate California, and the nation.

“California is now ten months into fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. The California Pharmacists Association has advised the Governor of California since Day 1, on the role that pharmacists and their teams play in curbing the pandemic,” says Clifford Young, RPh, President, CPhA. “Pharmacists are the most accessible healthcare provider who have been authorized for many years to administer life-saving vaccinations to ensure the health of patients throughout California and beyond.”

As President Biden begins to implement strategies either not addressed or implemented from the prior administration, the California Pharmacists Association continues to advise state and local leaders as to the availability and role pharmacists play in curbing the pandemic. CPhA communicates with our members daily and informs the media as to the role pharmacists play in getting our state and nation back to health.

“Throughout the pandemic, our pharmacists working in all practice settings continue to advise and respond to the needs of our community,” said President Young. “The ability of pharmacists to administer flu vaccinations is a prime example of the positive effect when states expand pharmacists’ roles to include providing preventive medications. Now, more than ever, all providers must work together to address this overwhelming healthcare crisis. And California pharmacy professionals stand ready to work with the administration to meet President Biden’s goal of administering 100 million vaccines.”

“Due to their accessibility, pharmacists and technicians are the first healthcare professionals that most people go to with healthcare questions,” said Susan Bonilla, Chief Executive Officer, CPhA. “And in a rapidly fluctuating and uncertain situation as we are currently experiencing, pharmacy personnel are answering more questions from their communities than ever. No matter the call, pharmacists and their teams will always be a part of any healthcare solution.”

In the meantime, CPhA calls for all pharmacy professionals to stay in close contact with the organization. CPhA is keeping apprised of regulatory changes to ensure that our communities have access to the vaccine and access to providers, especially pharmacists.

About CPhA

The California Pharmacists Association (CPhA) is the largest statewide professional association for pharmacists, student pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in the country. CPhA represents the pharmacy profession in all practice settings and promotes the health of the public through the practice of pharmacy.


Sheila Johnston

SVP, Business Operations