Pharma Trend

Pharma Trend Germany

Pharma Trend is the survey of innovation and sustainability in pharmaceutical companies. The survey is representative, independent, and has been carried out in the category Rx by doctors in Germany annually since the year 2000 and since 2018 in the categories OTC (Pharmacist), Orphan Medicines (Clinicians), Patients and Startups. With the expansion of the Pharma Trend, pharmaceutical companies are being evaluated about their most important stakeholders (doctors, pharmacists and patients) on innovation and sustainability.

For the survey, 100 doctors/pharmacists per specialist group resp. 600 patients are invited and were asked by Pharma Trend for their opinions. It appears that this sampling method is sufficient, as the results begin to stabilize as of around 80 respondents. The Pharma Trend is a quantitative survey that is specific to each discipline (Rx) or indication-specific (OTC, Orphan Drugs / Patients) and has been carried out exclusively online. The market research institute Harris Interactive was tasked with carrying out the market research. The secured questionnaire is standardized to allow comparison of the survey results between years and between participating countries.

The Pharma Trend survey is carried out within particular disciplines chosen through market research, and is limited in the category Rx to 10 disciplines per year. The number of requests for each discipline decides how the research will be undertaken.

Pharma Trend LogoThe Pharma Trend Rx can be applied in Germany to all specialists without benchmarking (basic) or to specific fields of study with benchmarking (standard). The collection of discipline-specific sections of the report also contains the overall results across all fields.

The basic edition of Pharma Trend includes general information about the winner of “The Golden Tablet” award and “most innovative product”, with the reasons the titles were awarded, as well as ratings of company image and field work, some of which including year-on-year comparisons, and the “Pharma Trend® Best Pharmaceutical Companies” ranking. The standard edition of Pharma Trend Germany presents the data specific to fields of study as well as the benchmarked data.

Specialist groups in Pharma Trend

Since the beginning of the Pharma Trend Germany survey in 2000, doctors in 14 disciplines have been surveyed: general practitioners & internists, dermatologists, diabetologists, gastroenterologists, gynecologists, otolaryngologists, cardiologists, neurologists & psychiatrists, oncologists, ophthalmologists, orthopedists / rheumatologists (OR), pediatricians, pneumologists and urologists. Pharma Trend focuses on the disciplines that provide treatment and prevention of the most common symptoms of illness: heart/circulatory problems, diabetes, central nervous system issues, oncology, and infection.

Pharma Trend OTC

The PharmaTrend OTC survey identifies in OTC the most innovative products in a medical indication and determines the winner of the award „Most Innovative Product”. By ordering the PharmaTrend OTC for an indication, the respective pharmaceutical company is placed in the benchmark for the ranking “Pharma Trend® Germany Best Pharmaceutical Companies” and participates in the determination of the most innovative product of an indication.

In addition, the award “The Golden Tablet®” in the category OTC will be presented. Target group for the survey are pharmacists.

Pharma Trend Orphan Drugs

By collecting the Pharma Trend Orphan Drugs, the most innovative products of an indication in the category of rare diseases are identified and awarded with the “most innovative product®” award. By ordering the Pharma Trend Orphan Drugs for an indication, the respective pharmaceutical company is placed in the benchmark for the  ranking “Pharma Trend® Germany Best Pharmaceutical Companies” and participates in the determination of the most innovative product of an indication.

In addition, the award “The Golden Tablet®” in the category Orphan Drug will be presented. Target group for the survey are clinicians.

Pharma Trend Patients

With the survey of the Pharma Trend patients, the best products of an indication are determined in the self-medication from the patients’ point of view and awarded with the “most innovative product®” award. In addition, the award “The Golden Tablet®” in the category patients will be presented.

Pharma Trend Startups

In addition to biotechnology and medical device start-ups, as well as manufacturers of herbal medicinal products and digital health applications, established pharmaceutical companies with products in the approval process (EMA, positive CHMP recommendation) were invited to apply.

The seven-member, independent jury with representatives from the healthcare sector identifies the three winners. The members of the jury have many years of experience in developing start-ups in biotechnology, M & A and management of biotechnology companies as well as in medicine, marketing, distribution and marketing of pharmaceuticals.

The jury includes:

  • Prof. Dr. Patrick Baeuerle, Managing Director MPM Capital
  • Dr. V. Conin-Ohnsorge, CEO Isochem & Datenverarbeitung GmbH
  • Marijo Jurasovic, CEO Medical Media Information GmbH
  • Dr. Hans A. Küpper, Consultant Biotechnology Expert
  • Prof. Dr. Kai Lucks, Chairman Federal Association of Mergers & Acquisitions
  • PD Dr. habil. B. Richartz, Cardiology Center Munich Bogenhausen
  • Katrin Wenzler, Managing Director Marvecs GmbH

Pharma Trend Europe Big 5

In 2003, the first Pharma Trend survey was carried out in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK (the Big 5). The 3rd European survey is planned for 2018. The basis for the survey is the Pharma Trend questionnaire, which has been conducted in Germany under secure conditions for many years. The survey is carried out in specialty areas that pharmaceutical companies consider to be the most important. 100 doctors are surveyed per discipline and per country.

Pharma Trend Europe Big 5 contains country-specific analysis, with both general data and discipline-specific benchmarked data. When ordering Pharma Trend, the pharmaceutical company is included in the benchmark for its specialty.

Pharma Trend Europe Big 5 will decide the winners of the discipline-specific awards, “The Golden Tablet” and “Most Innovative Product”. In order to display these accolades, winners are entitled to country-specific emblems which indicate the relevant discipline. Additionally, a “Pharma Trend Most reputable Pharma Companies” ranking will be created for each individual country.

The Pharma Trend Europe Big 5 survey is planned for the categories OTC, Orphan Drugs, patients and startups and in the category Rx for the following specialists:

  • allergists
  • dermatologists
  • diabetologists
  • General Practitioners (GPs)
  • gastroenterologists
  • gynecologists
  • cardiologists
  • neurologists & psychiatrists
  • oncologists
  • pediatricians
  • pneumologists
  • urologists