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Pharma Ranking “Best Pharmaceutical Companies”

Pharma Ranking of Best Pharmaceutical Companies

A total of 20 pharmaceutical companies are included in the 2017 Pharma Ranking “Best Pharmaceutical Company” in Germany, which are all involved in pharmaceutical drug research.

Among them are all-rounders such as Novartis Pharma, MSD, Pfizer and Sanofi-Aventis, as well as specialist companies such as Astellas Pharma, Lilly and Biogen. The “Best Pharmaceutical Companies” 2017 ranking includes a total of 19 of the 20 leading pharmaceutical reseach companies worldwide in terms of sales, which are rated according to the benchmark method.

The Pharma ranking “Best Pharmaceutical Companies”, “Pharma Trend Image & Innovation Award”, and the winners of the “Golden Tablet” and “Most Innovative Product” awards were announced on September 12 2017 at the Deutsches Museum in Munich.

Ranking 2017: “Best Pharmaceutical Companies – Germany – Top 20”

The Pharma ranking “Best Pharmaceutical Companies – Germany – Top 20” features the 20 leading pharmaceutical research companies in terms of sales. The medical professionals’ rating of the companies takes business relationships into account; parent companies and their subsidiaries are considered as single combined entities.

Rank 2017CompanyTrendRank 2016
2Novo Nordisk6
3Novartis Pharma4
4Takeda Pharma2
6Bayer Vital (incl. Jenapharm)13
7Boehringer Ingelheim7
8Sanofi (incl. Sanofi Genzyme, Sanofi Pasteur)12
10Astellas Pharma8
14Roche Pharma3
15Bristol-Myers Squibb8
16Daiichi Sankyon/a
18AstraZeneca 9

Ranking “Best Pharmaceutical Companies” – Database

Since 2000, the market analysis Pharma Trend has revealed the best pharmaceutical companies and the most innovative products within disciplines. The 2017 survey was carried out in Germany between May and July 2017. 1.000 doctors were surveyed. As a rule, each pharmaceutical company was evaluated by 80 doctors from the relevant field of study; sufficient for statistically reliable results on the companies that focus their therapies on a single specialty (specialists). The rating of the top 20 companies that are active in multiple fields of study (generalists) was usually conducted by doctors from at least two disciplines.

The market research is carried out upon request from pharmaceutical companies that decide which specialist areas are to be analysed. When a pharmaceutical company commissions research in a field of study, the company is included in the development of the benchmark and ranking.

“Best Pharmaceutical Companies” – Creating the Ranking

The foundation of the ranking is medical professionals’ evaluation of pharmaceutical companies concerning the dimensions of quality of marketing and sales, quality of products and services, innovation, efficiency, transparency, accountability, ethical behavior, management quality and commercial success. The ranking is developed based on the evaluations of said dimensions with respect to their significance to the reputation of pharmaceutical companies, which is measured in the following criteria: overall effectiveness, competence, reliability, credibility and commendation. All of the pharmaceutical companies are evaluated based on the factors, calculated using multivariate analysis for each individual dimension. The individual pharmaceutical companies are then awarded values in terms of their performance in the respective dimensions. The ranking is developed using the weighted values given to each pharmaceutical company.