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Pharma Ranking “Best Pharmaceutical Companies”

Pharma Ranking of Best Pharmaceutical Companies

The “Best Pharmaceutical Companies in Germany” ranking for 2022 has been established. The ranking includes the global “top 10 leading pharmaceutical companies worldwide in terms of sales” as well as “large sole traders, medium-sized and international companies”. The ranking is based on the Pharma Trend survey, which has been conducted annually in the Rx category among doctors in Germany since the year 2000 and in the categories OTC, Orphan Drugs and Startups since 2018 and additionally in the category Specialty Care since 2019. In 2021, the study was expanded to include the categories “Diagnostics” and “Digital Health Applications”. With the expansion of Pharma Trend, companies in pharmaceuticals and medical technology are evaluated on innovation and sustainability via their most important stakeholders – physicians, pharmacists and patients. The Pharma Ranking “Best Pharma Companies” was announced during the 23rd “Pharma Trend Image & Innovation Award” with the winners of the awards “The Golden Tablet®” and “The Most Innovative Product®” on September 13, 2022.

Ranking 2022: “Best Pharmaceutical Companies – Germany – Top 10”

The Pharma ranking 2022 “Best Pharmaceutical Companies – Germany – Top 10” features the 10 leading pharmaceutical research companies in terms of global sales. Figures for subsidiaries are aggregated with their parent companies.

Top 10 2022CompanyTrendRank 2021
2Novartis Pharma4
3Bayer Vital / Jenapharm./.
7Gilead Sciences./.

Ranking 2022: “Large sole traders, medium-sized and international companies”.

The ranking “Best pharmaceutical companies – Germany – Large sole traders, medium-sized and international companies” lists the Top 10 companies of the type suggested by the title, omitting those companies covered by the ranking “Best Pharmaceutical Companies – Germany.

Top 10 2022CompanyTrendRank 2021
3ALK Abelló./.
5Procter & Gamble9
8Daiichi Sankyo./.

Ranking “Best Pharmaceutical Companies” – Data Basis

Since 2000, the Benchmark-Study Pharma Trend has revealed the best pharmaceutical companies and the most innovative products within a discipline. The 2022 survey was carried out in Germany between June and August, covering 700 doctors and 100 pharmacists. Each pharmaceutical company was typically evaluated by 80 pharmacists or doctors from the relevant field; this number proved sufficient for statistically reliable results on companies that focus their therapies on a single specialty (specialists). The rating of the top 10 companies that are active in multiple fields of study (generalists) was usually conducted by doctors from at least two disciplines.

“Best Pharmaceutical Companies” – Creating the Ranking

The ranking is based on the medical professionals’ evaluation of the pharmaceutical companies concerning the following dimensions: quality of marketing and sales, quality of products and services, innovativeness, efficiency, transparency, accountability, ethical behavior, management quality and commercial success. The ranking is developed from the evaluations of said dimensions with respect to their impact on the companies` reputation which is measured along the following criteria: overall impression, competence, reliability, credibility and recommendation. The ranking is developed using the weighted values assigned to each pharmaceutical company.