Pharma Award

Since the year 2000, the Awards for Innovation and Sustainability “The Golden Tablet” and “Most Innovative Product” have been granted to pharmaceutical companies. The recipients of the “Golden Tablet” award, also known as the Pharma Oscar, are chosen with regard to the Pharma Trend survey, which reveals the most innovative and sustainable pharmaceutical companies within a field of study. For this survey, conducted on behalf of the trade journal Pharma Barometer, doctors with various specializations, pharmacists and patients complete an online questionnaire about sustainability and innovation in the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharma Trend – Image & Innovation Award 2018

On September 18, the winners of the “Golden Tablet” and “Most Innovative Product“ awards will be named at the “Pharma Trend – Image & Innovation” awards ceremony. Additionally, the Pharma Trend ranking of the best pharmaceutical companies will be published for the third time.

The 19th annual award ceremony will take place this year at the Deutsches Museum in Munich, and around 180 guests are expected to attend from the marketing, medical and distribution sectors of the pharmaceutical industry.

“We’re very excited about the Pharma Trend ‘Best Pharmaceutical Companies’ Germany ranking, which will have its debut at the Pharma Trend Image & Innovation awards”, said Dieter Jung, Editor of the trade journal Pharma Barometer, and initiator of the Pharma Trend survey.

The speeches at the Pharma Trend Image & Innovation awards ceremony will be given by Dr. Martin Zentgraf, Chairman of the Board of the Federal Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (BPI) on “Current Challenges for Healthcare Makers” and Christian Bruer, Editor-in-Chief GFI. Society for medical information on the topic “Life-hacks for life”.

This year’s ceremony’s partners include cross m, IDV und MARVECS. Sponsors are aescuvest, Ashfield, Bio Deutschland, Bio M, Dorothea Küsters Communications, Kupconcept, Marriott und Munich Drivers. The evening will be hosted by television presenter Tamara Sedmak (Sat 1, n-tv, N24), who already brought a refreshing charm to the ceremonies when she hosted the previous years’ events.

The awards ceremony will be filmed and will be made available on Pharma Trend’s YouTube channel. The ceremony’s media partners include mü, coliquio, the physician portal, Gelbe Liste Pharmindex, Praxis Depesche and PharmaBarometer, the trade journal for innovation and sustainability.

Pharma Award: Golden Tablet

The Golden Tablet Award for the best pharmaceutical companyThe decisive factors in choosing a winner for the “Golden Tablet” Pharma award are; the quality of information about field staff, further education, information on the product and pricing, as well as the companies’ research activities and innovative strength, value for money, and the quality of the products. It became apparent that the doctors place a lot of value on the research and development services of the Golden Tablet winners, as well as on transparent information about the companies. It is also clear that the doctors think that the companies’ resistance to corruption is highly important. In terms of the medications themselves, the most important considerations were the effectiveness and tolerability of the products, and the benefits observed in application of the treatments to date.

“The Golden Tablet” 2018 Award Shortlist

The basis for the awards is the market research Pharma Trend, which this year will be performed by 1,500 physicians, pharmacists and patients in the Rx category in 7 specialist groups (dermatologists, diabetologists, gastroenterologists, gynecologists, neurologists, pediatricians and oncologists) and additionally in the categories OTC (pharmacists), orphan drugs (clinicians), patients and startups. The survey was conducted between May and July 2018.

The shortlist for the Top 3 companies in 2018 is as follows:

  • AbbVie (gastroenterologist, pediatrician)
  • Alexion (orphan drugs)
  • ALK-Abellò (pediatrician)
  • Aristo Pharma (gynecologist)
  • Bayer Vital (patients)
  • Bionorica (pharmacist)
  • Biogen (neurologist)
  • Boehringer Ingelheim (diabetologist)
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb (oncologist)
  • Celgene (orphan drugs)
  • Dr. Falk Pharma (gastroenterologist)
  • Dr. Kade (gynecologist)
  • Galderma (dermatologists)
  • Gedeon Richter (gynecologist)
  • Gilead Science (gastroenterologist)
  • GlaxoSmithKline (pediatrician)
  • Hexal (pharmacist, patient)
  • Infectopharm (pediatrician)
  • Janssen-Cilag (dermatologists, gastroenterologists, neurologists, oncologists, orphan drugs)
  • Jenapharm (gynecologist)
  • Lilly (diabetologist)
  • Medice (pediatrician)
  • MSD (gynecologist, pediatrician)
  • Novartis Pharma (dermatologists, neurologists, oncologists, orphan drugs)
  • Novo Nordisk (diabetologist)
  • Pfizer (oncologist, orphan drugs)
  • Ratiopharm medicines (pharmacists, patients)
  • Roche Pharma (neurologists, oncologists, orphan drugs)
  • Sanofi-Aventis (diabetologist)
  • Takeda (gastroenterologist)

“The Golden Tablet” Award Winners since 2000:

YearGeneral Practice & Internal MedicineNeurologyUrologyDermatologyENT medicineGynecologyPediatricsPneumologyOrthopedics and RheumatologyDiabetologyCardiologyOphthalmologyOncology
YearGeneral Practice & Internal MedicineNeurologyUrologyDermatologyENT medicineGynecologyPediatricsPneumologyOrthopedics and RheumatologyDiabetologyCardiologyOphthalmologyOncology
2016Janssen-CilagAstellasInfectoPharmJenapharmInfectoPharmBoehringer IngelheimRoche
2015BiogenAstellas JenapharmInfectoPharm BayerRoche
2014Berlin-ChemieBiogenAstellasGaldermaJenapharmInfectoPharm Novo Nordisk Roche
2012Berlin-ChemieNovartisAstellasBasileaJenapharmInfectoPharmBerlin-Chemie BayerBoehringer IngelheimAlconRoche
2008NovartisJanssen-CilagAlmirall HermalHexalJenapharmInfectoPharmMSDMSDAlconRoche
2007MSDJanssen-CilagAstellasHexalJenapharmInfectoPharmMSDSanofi - AventisPfizerRoche
2006AstraZenecaJanssen-CilagAstellasNovartisJenapharmInfectoPharmBoehringer IngelheimMSDSanofi - AventisAlcon
2005PfizerEli LillyBayerNovartisJenapharmInfectoPharmBoehringer IngelheimMSDNovo NordiskRoche
2004PfizerPfizerTakedaHermalJenapharmInfectoPharmBoehringer IngelheimMSDNovo NordiskAventis
2002MSDJanssen-CilagTakedaEssex PharmaScheringInfectoPharm

Pharma Award: Most innovative Produkt

Award for most innovative produkt in the medical sectorThe effectiveness and tolerability of the products, and the benefits observed so far in the use of the treatment are particularly decisive in granting the Pharma Award for innovation “Most Innovative Product”.

Early benefit assessment of medications

The medications chosen by doctors in response to the open question “what is the most innovative product?” had generally been introduced in the 36 months prior to the spring release of the annual survey, or had received an extension that was significant to the treatment development process. The Pharma Trend results are therefore highly valuable in the early assessment of the benefits of the medications. Thus, Pharma Trend provides a picture of the benefits of a medication, rather than having to rely solely on the observations of patients who have received the treatments so far.

“Most Innovative Product” 2018 Award Shortlist

The special feature of the “Most Innovative Product“ award in comparison with other accolades within the pharmaceutical industry, is the jury: the benefits of the medication are evaluated exclusively by doctors, based on their experiences of the application of the treatments among their patients.

The following medications made the shortlist products in 2018:

  • Acarizax by ALK-Abellò (pediatrician)
  • Accu-Check by Roche Diagnostics (pharmacist)
  • Aimovig by Amgen / Novartis Pharma (neurologist)
  • Bexsero by GlaxoSmithKline (pediatrician)
  • Blincyto by Amgen (clinicians)
  • Canesten Gyn by Bayer Vital (pharmacist)
  • Clearblue by Procter & Gamble (pharmacist)
  • Darzalex by Janssen-Cilag (oncologist)
  • Duipixent by Sanofi (dermatologist)
  • EllaOne by HRA Pharma (pharmacist)
  • Ello by eMovements (startups)
  • Entresto by Novartis Pharma (diabetologist)
  • Femibion ​​by Merck (pharmacist)
  • Fiasp by Novo Nordisk (diabetologist)
  • Gardasil 9 by MSD (gynecologist)
  • Grippostad by Stada (patients)
  • Hemlibra by Roche Pharma (clinicians)
  • Hoggar Night by Stada (patients)
  • Ibrance by Pfizer (gynecologist)
  • Jardiance by Boehringer Ingelheim / Lilly (diabetologist)
  • Jorveza by dr. Falk Pharma (gastroenterologist)
  • KATA by VisionHealth (startups)
  • Keytruda by MSD (oncologist)
  • Kyleena by Jenapharm (gynecologist)
  • Kyntheum by LEO Pharma (Dermatologists)
  • Mavenclad by Merck (neurologist)
  • Maviret by AbbVie (gastroenterologist)
  • by Moio (startups)
  • Ocrevus by Roche (neurologist)
  • Okrido by Pharmapol (pediatrician)
  • Ongentys by Bial (neurologist)
  • Opdivo by Bristol-Myers Squibb (oncologist)
  • Ozempic by Novo Nordisk (diabetologist)
  • Radiopharmaka by ITM Isotopen Technologien München (startups)
  • Reagila by Recordati Pharma (neurologist)
  • Rydapt by Novartis Pharma (clinicians)
  • Scarbioral by Infectopharm (pediatrician)
  • Skilarence by Almiral Herma (dermatologist)
  • Steglujan by MSD (diabetologist)
  • Stelara by Janssen Cilag (gastroenterologist)
  • Taltz by Lilly (dermatologist)
  • Tecentriq by Roche Pharma (oncologists)
  • Tremfya by Janssen-Cilag (dermatologist)
  • Vaxelis by MSD (pediatrician)
  • Venclyxto by Abbvie (clinicians)
  • Voltaren from GlaxoSmithKline (patients)
  • WhatsIn My Meds by vitalfunktion (startups)

“Most Innovative Product” Winners since 2000:

YearGeneral Practice & Internal MedicineNeurologyUrologyDermatologyENT medicineGynecologyPediatricsPneumologyOrthopedics RheumatologyDiabetologyCardiologyOphthalmologyOncologyGastroenterology
YearGeneral Practice & Internal MedicineNeurologyUrologyDermatologyENT medicineGynecologyPediatricsPneumologyOrthopedics RheumatologyDiabetologyCardiologyOphthalmologyOncology
2015ForxigaTecfidera Lemtrada BrintellixXtandiEsmyaBexsero Trulicity Imbruvica
2014ForxigaTecfideraBetmigaMirvasoJaydessBexsero TresibaEyleaKadcyla
2012XareltoGilenyaZytigaToctinoZoelyInfectodexa KruppBydureonXareltoLucentisAfinitor Zelboraf
2011DaxasGilenyaLevitraToctinoQlairaInfectodexa KruppProliaVictozaLucentisTasigna
2010PradaxaValdoxanPriligy DuodartToctinoQlairaPrevenar 13OnbrezProliaLucentisNplate Iressa