AIBODY Partners with Relias to Develop Next Generation of Interactive Training Materials for Medical Professionals

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AIBODY, the world’s first Physiology-as-a-Service platform, announced today that it will partner with Relias, the United States-based healthcare education and workforce development leader, to develop an innovative range of digital study materials for professional medical training. Specializing in healthcare education solutions, Relias helps more than 11,000 organizations and 4.5 million caregivers elevate care to improve outcomes.

AIBODY’s virtual patient software produces lifelike, highly detailed physiological responses to a broad variety of simulated medical conditions or treatment protocols, realistically replicating cardiovascular, pulmonary, and other processes occurring simultaneously within a human body. Through this partnership, Relias will incorporate AIBODY’s software to develop a new generation of immersive, scenario-based learning modules built around the observation and treatment of digital patients. These will further expand Relias’ robust library of educational courses that enable clinicians to meet licensing requirements and stay current in their field.

“We are excited to partner with Relias to develop a new generation of lifelong learning solutions based on our unique digital physiology technology,” said AIBODY CEO Richard Littlehales. “Working with the Relias education team, we will be able to build scenario-specific simulation routines and embed this content into screen or AR-based modules that trainees will access to test their diagnostic and clinical decision-making capabilities in an authentic but safe setting.”

“Combining AIBODY’s medical simulation technology with our educational expertise and easy-to-use platform allows learners the opportunity to ‘choose their own adventure’ and observe the real-time impact of their decisions without risk to patients,” said Shawn Barber, Chief Product Officer at Relias. “This type of learning environment is ideal because it identifies success and gaps in clinical decision-making through interpretation of real-time clinical data, helping to inform and maximize training moving forward.”

These courses lend themselves equally well to in-person and remote learning scenarios and will be available on the Relias Platform in the next 12 months.


AIBODY is a cloud-based Physiology-as-a-Service platform that offers real-time, immersive medical simulations using the world’s first Digital Human Organism. AIBODY’s unique approach produces highly detailed, lifelike physiological responses to virtually any simulated medical condition or treatment protocol, recreating interrelated biophysical, physiological, and biochemical processes occurring within a human body. AIBODY has been spun off from AUG Global, the international technology group, and raised a seed funding round from leading global venture capital firms. For further information, please visit


For more than 11,000 healthcare organizations and 4.5 million caregivers, Relias continues to help clients deliver better clinical and financial outcomes by reducing variation in care. Our platform employs performance metrics and assessments to reveal specific gaps in skills and addresses them with targeted, personalized and engaging learning. We help healthcare organizations, their people, and those under their care, get better. Better at identifying problems, addressing them with better knowledge and skills, and better outcomes for all. For further information, please visit


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