ALICORN Launches AI-Powered CareChat Platform With Gold Direct Care to Help DPC Doctors Enhance Personalized Care and Provider Productivity

DPC members benefit from easy and efficient communication with the doctor. DPC doctors increase productivity while delivering personalized care.

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ALICORN Inc. announced today the addition of several new capabilities to its AI-powered healthcare platform, CareChat™, to support Direct Primary Care (DPC) Doctors. ALICORN launched the CareChat™ platform recently to help employers curb health insurance costs. Gold Direct Care is the first DPC practice to roll out the CareChat™ platform, setting the standard for DPC member experience and DPC provider productivity while quantifying DPC service value. ALICORN is inviting DPC practices, employers, benefits advisors, third-party administrators (TPAs), medical management services, and other entities that support the DPC movement to partner with the group. To join the group, visit:

DPC has emerged as a sustainable and foundational primary care model to curb increasing health insurance costs to individuals and employers while improving patient and doctor satisfaction. The DPC model removes the misaligned incentives driven by the transactional nature of insurance payments both for the provider and the patient – and in doing so reestablishes the doctor-patient relationship. An increasing number of primary care doctors are abandoning the fee-for-service system to offer subscription-based DPC services. DPC doctors are great at delivering exceptional care but have struggled with challenges such as:

  • How can I bring efficiency into communications with my members?
  • How can I be better informed about patient concerns before interactions?
  • How do I increase my clinical efficiency and triage ability?
  • How do I efficiently access multidisciplinary clinical data before patient visits?

The ALICORN CareChat™ platform addresses these challenges with its suite of products and artificial intelligence capabilities. ALICORN and Gold Direct Care collaborated in designing the member experience and identifying provider productivity improvement opportunities.

The ALICORN CareChat™ platform touches every aspect of DPC care delivery and addresses how value is created for individual members as well as employer sponsors with the following capabilities:

  • Intelligent intake. A conversational chatbot — IntakeChat™— provides an easy interface and captures a member’s symptoms, history of the present illness (HPI), and creates an assessment with possible conditions and triage results for the DPC doctor. This allows for a comprehensive and time efficient capture of a member’s issue enabling the DPC doctor to enhance delivery of personalized care. This saves at least 10 minutes per interaction lost in information collection so that the DPC doctor can focus more on discussing the issue and treatment options.
  • Smarter visit prep. An automated and real time medical records extraction service – MedRecords™ – collects records from previous and current providers including specialists and hospitals. This enables the DPC doctor to develop a full understanding of the medical history prior to the consultation and enhance the visit quality with the member.
  • Better consults. A conversational chatbot — ClinicChat™ — is designed for the DPC doctor to query a member’s medical records in real time during a consultation. This not only saves time but integrates key pieces of information, results, and lab values into the care delivery process.
  • Population health management. Artificial intelligence is used to scan MedRecords™ and generate care gap notifications and personalized health education content to DPC members. This enables the DPC doctor to offer population health management service especially for employer sponsors.
  • High quality referrals. A clinical quality ratings tool — DocRatings™— is made available to the DPC doctor to select top specialists for referrals. Top quality specialists not only deliver better care but are more cost effective saving up to $2,500 per episode in claims costs to employer sponsors. In addition, a built-in e-Referral system allows the DPC doctor to send the referral note and relevant medical records directly to the specialist’s EMR system compared to e-fax used by many DPC practices today. This ensures that the specialist receives pertinent information prior to the DPC member’s visit.
  • Self-insured support. DPC members from self-insured employer organizations are able to communicate with the TPA regarding their insurance claims issues and the medical management teams regarding pre authorizations etc on the CareChat™ platform.
  • DPC value dashboard. An automated dashboard that quantifies the value of the DPC service to employer sponsors is offered on the CareChat™ platform with metrics related to member visits & interactions, population health management, and referrals to top clinical quality specialists. For employer sponsors using a DPC network or multiple DPC clinics, the dashboard offers a consistent set of metrics to compare different DPC practices supporting their employees.

“Working with Dr. Jeffrey Gold has been fantastic in identifying opportunities where the CareChat™ platform can help both the member and the DPC doctor,” said Praveen Mooganur, CEO of ALICORN. “We are excited to launch the CareChat™ platform with Dr. Gold and his team. We are looking forward to working with other leading DPC doctors and practices in the country.”

“I’ve been a vocal champion of the DPC movement. I’m very open to sharing and supporting other DPC doctors to adopt affordable and easy to use solutions that help grow this model of care,” said Dr. Jeffrey Gold, Physician and CEO of Gold Direct Care. “I am working very closely with the ALICORN team in ensuring that the capabilities of the CareChat™ platform support our needs. Technology in medicine should always be used to enhance the patient-physician relationship rather than replace it. I welcome DPC doctors to contact me directly to learn about what we are doing and services we will be adding to the CareChat™ platform in the future.”

About ALICORN® Inc.:

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Praveen Mooganur