Beckley Psytech Announces Partnership With Ksana Health, Building on Digital Strategy to Deliver Optimised Patient Outcomes

  • Partnership will focus on the collection and analysis of digital biomarkers to identify signs of response and relapse in upcoming Phase 2 clinical trials
  • Beckley Psytech aims to track and improve patient experience through an integrated, digitally-assisted treatment model

OXFORD, England–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Beckley Psytech Limited, a private company dedicated to addressing neurological and psychiatric disorders through the novel application of psychedelic medicines, and Ksana Health, a behavioural health company that uses technology to provide personalised insights and interventions to improve mental health care, today announced that the companies have entered into a partnership to support the collection and analysis of digital behavioural data in Beckley Psytech’s future clinical trials.

Beckley Psytech will use Ksana Health’s Effortless Assessment Research System (EARS), an end-to-end solution for mobile sensing, to collect passive mobile device meta data from clinical trial participant’s smartphones, in order to identify individual signals of potential response and relapse. By partnering with Ksana Health, Beckley Psytech aims to track novel, predictive digital biomarkers to follow patient progress in upcoming Phase 2 studies evaluating the use of 5-MeO-DMT in combination with psychotherapy in the treatment of treatment resistant depression (TRD).

This latest partnership further strengthens Beckley Psytech’s digital strategy to develop personalised, end-to-end treatment programmes for patients in areas of significant unmet medical need.

Cosmo Feilding Mellen, CEO of Beckley Psytech, said: “This partnership with Ksana Health further supports our strategy to develop an integrated psychedelic treatment model, ensuring that patients are continuously supported throughout their treatment journey. We look forward to working with Ksana Health and exploring how their state-of-the-art digital technology can help support patient safety and response in our upcoming Phase 2 clinical trials.”

Dr. Nick Allen, co-founder and CEO of Ksana Health, commented: “Psychedelic treatments are offering exciting new approaches to recovery from mental disorders. However, we need rigorous clinical trials to ensure that this promise is realised. We are therefore very excited to partner with Beckley Psytech to help them build out their digital strategy. By using our continuous behavioural health measurement tools, we can help Beckley Psytech to understand each patient’s journey more deeply, which will ultimately allow for more effective and personalised treatments.”


About 5-MeO-DMT

5-methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine (5-MeO-DMT) is a psychoactive compound which binds to a variety of receptors within the brain pertaining to serotonin. A psychedelic substance which occurs naturally in a number of plant species, as well as in the Sonoran Desert toad, studies have indicated that 5-MeO-DMT is associated with improvements in mood, anxiety, reduced stress, increased life satisfaction and mindfulness. 5-MeO-DMT has been reported to produce mystical experiences with comparative intensity as seen with high doses of psilocybin but has a significantly shorter duration of effect. Beckley Psytech is developing proprietary synthetic intranasal formulations of 5-MeO-DMT (BPL-002 and BPL-003) and plans to evaluate their potential therapeutic effects in patients suffering from Treatment Resistant Depression, as well as other Mood and Use Disorders indications.

Beckley Psytech is a clinical stage privately held company dedicated to helping patients suffering from neurological and psychiatric disorders by developing a broad pipeline of psychedelic compounds in rare and more common diseases. Our vision is for clinically validated psychedelic medicines to be integrated into modern medical practice in order to help patients with high unmet medical need around the world suffering with treatment resistant depression, and other profoundly debilitating neurological conditions. Beckley Psytech was founded in 2019 leveraging some of the expertise developed over more than 20 years by the Beckley Foundation, an independent non-profit and world leader in psychedelic medicine research, and is based out of Oxford, United Kingdom.

Ksana Health –
Ksana Health was founded in 2019 in order to translate the tools and findings developed by the University of Oregon’s Center for Digital Mental Health into products and services that will transform mental health care and research. Led by Dr. Nick Allen, a Professor of Clinical Psychology with extensive research and clinical experience, and Will Shortt, an experienced software business leader and startup CEO, Ksana Health aims to give clients, practitioners, administrators, and researchers the digital tools that will define the future of mental health.


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