Biognosys Launches Spectronaut 16 and Presents Major Advances to its Proteomics Platforms at the ASMS 2022 Annual Conference

Highlights include the launch of Spectronaut® 16, which has undergone one of its most transformative upgrades to date, and innovations to Biognosys’ proprietary TrueTarget™ and TrueDiscovery™ platforms for drug and biomarker discovery.

ZURICH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ClinicalResearch–Biognosys, a leading inventor and developer of mass spectrometry-based proteomics solutions, today announced the company is attending the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) Annual Conference from June 5 to June 9 in Minneapolis (Minnesota, USA) where the company will launch Spectronaut 16 and present major scientific and technological advances of its proprietary proteomics research services.

Biognosys will host 2 breakfast seminars introducing Spectronaut 16, 2 oral talks, 1 workshop panel, 5 scientific posters, and 1 poster collaboration. In addition, their team of scientific experts will be present at booth #306 to answer questions and demo software.

Collectively, this presence demonstrates Biognosys’ significant contributions to transforming life science and clinical research with next-generation proteomics, particularly for proteomics data analysis and drug and biomarker discovery.

“Our major contribution to the ASMS scientific program once again highlights our relentless commitment to innovation in mass spectrometry-based proteomics,” said Lukas Reiter, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer of Biognosys. “With our Spectronaut 16 release, we continue to drive progress in DIA proteomics, and our TrueDiscovery and TrueTarget presentations demonstrate the utility of our research platforms for drug discovery and clinical trials.”

Spectronaut 16 provides the deepest proteome coverage available

At this year’s ASMS conference, Biognosys will commemorate the 10th anniversary of its flagship software, Spectronaut, with the launch of Spectronaut 16 in two breakfast seminars. The first seminar, “Spectronaut 16: Reaching New Depths in DIA Proteomics with AI”, takes place on June 6 with presentations from Oliver Bernhardt (Biognosys) and guest speaker Birgit Schilling (The Buck Institute). The second seminar, “Spectronaut: The Best Ally for Your Visionary Projects,” on June 8 features guest speakers Jesper V. Olsen (University of Copenhagen) and Yansheng Liu (Yale University School of Medicine).

Further, Biognosys will present three posters, demonstrating the significant improvements in Spectronaut 16 for direct searches on complex DIA data with reduced analysis time, deep-learning-based scoring in a dia-PASEF analysis pipeline, and score identifications with minimal computation time through the neural network DeepXIC that uses ion chromatograms to score for identifications.

Biofluid biomarker discovery in neurodegenerative and chronic autoimmune diseases with TrueDiscovery

Biofluids can often be collected less invasively and more frequently than tissue samples to provide an overview of what is happening in the organism. At ASMS, Biognosys will highlight the clinical utility of its proprietary proteomics platform TrueDiscovery™ for unbiased biomarker discovery in biofluids in two oral presentations on June 6. The first oral presentation explores proteomics data collected from CSF and plasma samples in a clinical study in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University, aimed at detecting actionable biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease (AD). The study identified several proteomic biomarkers for healthy and pathological individuals, some of which were shared in both sample types. The second talk will show data from a clinical study in collaboration with Takeda on Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). Novel as well as previously reported biomarkers have been identified in plasma and could be used to stratify the disease state. Moreover, disease-specific biomarkers could be described to differentiate patients with renal involvement.

Drug target identification in oncology with TrueTarget

In a collaboration between Biognosys, AstraZeneca, and Pelago Bioscience, proteomics was used to identify and characterize the protein targets of a kinase inhibitor compound across the CDK family. At ASMS, Biognosys will present data demonstrating the performance of its proprietary TrueTarget platform to reveal the target and binding affinity of the drug and highlight complementarities with two other proteomics-based techniques. The presentation builds further on earlier data from this study, published in ACS Chemical Biology.

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About Spectronaut®

Spectronaut is Biognosys’ flagship data analysis software for data-independent acquisition (DIA) mass spectrometry (MS) based proteomics.

The software employs advanced Search, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to translate data into actionable insights for life science research. Spectronaut enables reproducible and precise quantification of thousands of proteins in a single experiment and provides multidimensional insights into protein expression, function, and structure across all major biological species and sample types. For more information, visit

About TrueDiscovery™

The Biognosys TrueDiscovery platform offers integrated proteomics solutions across the entire drug development pipeline.

TrueDiscovery is powered by Hyper Reaction Monitoring (HRM) mass spectrometry, an advanced patented Data Independent Acquisition (DIA)-based protein quantification technology co-invented by tech pioneers at Biognosys.

TrueDiscovery is the only platform that searches the complete proteome to quantify thousands of the most relevant proteins, including an unlimited number of proteoforms. The platform enables the deepest unbiased profiling of tissue and biofluids proteomes with unbeatable specificity on a large scale. The generated data are highly reproducible and easily transferrable to clinical assays. Studies can be performed in a GLP certified and GCP compliant environment. For more information, visit

About TrueTarget™

The Biognosys TrueTarget proteomics platform uniquely addresses the most pressing challenges in early drug discovery by identifying on- and off-targets to accelerate and de-risk drug development throughout the pipeline.

TrueTarget is powered by Limited Proteolysis Mass Spectrometry (LiP-MS), a proprietary, patented chemoproteomics technology co-developed by Biognosys. TrueTarget is the only tool to probe structural changes across the complete proteome with peptide-level resolution, providing unique insights into compound binding and target identification.

The platform enables elucidating mechanisms of action and revealing unanticipated toxicities. For more information, visit

About Biognosys

At Biognosys, we believe that deep proteome insights hold the key to breakthrough discoveries that can dramatically improve human health. We enable life science researchers and drug hunters to look at the proteome from every angle with our versatile portfolio of proprietary next-generation proteomics services, software, and kits, including the TrueDiscovery™, TrueTarget™, and TrueSignature™ platforms and flagship software Spectronaut®. These solutions provide a multi-dimensional view of protein expression, function, and structure in all biological species and sample types. Biognosys’ unique, patented technologies utilize high-resolution mass spectrometry to quantify thousands of proteins across thousands of samples with industry-leading precision, depth, and throughput. Through advanced data analytics, Biognosys translates data into actionable insights for R&D and clinical research. For more information, visit


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