CORRECTING and REPLACING Innovaccer Unveils ACO REACH Accelerator Toolkit

Technology-enabled solutions blending best-of-breed population health management and SDoH tools with expert services and consulting to help providers succeed with ACO REACH

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The fifth paragraph of release dated April 21, 2022 has been changed to correct quote attribution.

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Technology-enabled solutions blending best-of-breed population health management and SDoH tools with expert services and consulting to help providers succeed with ACO REACH

Today Innovaccer Inc., the Health Cloud company, launched its ACO REACH Accelerator toolkit, an innovative technology-enabled suite designed to help accountable care organizations succeed in the ACO REACH model recently announced by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). The ACO REACH model was developed by CMS to advance health equity by bringing accountable care to underserved communities, and to support momentum around provider-led organizations moving from fee-for-service to risk-based payment models.

Innovaccer’s ACO REACH Accelerator toolkit brings a suite of technology and services together that can help providers jump start and excel at this new value-based model: the Innovaccer Health Cloud’s Data Activation Platform, Innovaccer’s industry-leading population health management solution, Innovaccer’s world-class population health analytics; and Innovaccer’s comprehensive SDoH solution for identifying, understanding, and mitigating social determinants—an absolute essential for supporting health equity, access to care, and community health. These innovative technologies will be complemented with a selection of tools, consulting, and advisory services that can provide a comprehensive approach to becoming and excelling as a REACH ACO.

“Many providers are interested in becoming REACH ACOs, but they’ll need the right people, processes, and technologies to help develop, implement, and optimize their shared savings strategies,” says Dr. Brian Silverstein, chief population health officer at Innovaccer. “As a technology-enabled service, the ACO REACH Accelerator toolkit offers our customers an array of tools and services intended to help them succeed in ACO REACH’s total capitation program.”

Specifically, Innovaccer’s ACO REACH Accelerator toolkit can help provide:

  1. Population Health Management: Innovaccer’s Population Health Management, an intuitive and customizable solution that can help REACH ACOs achieve better health outcomes, improve the patient experience, and reduce costs. The solution’s analytics, data integration, and automated care management workflow components help ACOs improve care management and patient engagement.

  2. SDoH Management: Innovaccer’s Social Vulnerability Index (SVI) supports actionable social determinants of health (SDoH) with SVI scores down to the individual patient level, which helps paint an accurate picture of risk and optimize care. With our proprietary methodology, providers will be equipped to stratify the social risk of their population by identifying patients’ susceptibility to socioeconomic factors that can impact population health; integrating these factors to create a holistic patient record that drives targeted social interventions; identifying and trending social determinants regionally or nationally to develop mitigation programs; and more.

  3. Financial Management Services: Our roadmap includes Innovaccer partners who will be able to provide claims adjudication; financial analytics by Innovaccer experts to help equip ACOs to establish downstream contracts with participating and preferred providers, provide total cost of care forecasting; forecast performance with benchmarks and assumptions from similar organizations; perform sensitivity testing on risk, quality, and expenses; deploy program adjustments such as risk-scores, quality measures, provider incentives; and more to be made available over the coming year.

  4. Expert Consulting and Advisory Services: Our growing network of experienced consulting partners will be able to provide expert advice to help providers develop and optimize their shared savings strategies, and provide risk readiness assessment services to prepare for and best align their organization for success with ACO REACH over the coming year.

  5. Social Assistance Services: Digital access to a broad network of low-cost or no-cost community resources. Providers can easily connect patients to the largest national network of free or low-cost community resources, addressing over 58 social factors across more than 300 service types. Application tools provide integrated communication between care managers, community resource workers, and patients. Point-of-care integration provides support for closed-loop referrals between providers and social workers.

“Innovaccer is offering a population health platform that takes into consideration some of the new driving factors under the ACO REACH model,” said Tamra Ruymann, MBA, Chief of Digital Health for PSW, a population health company. “These include social determinants of health assessments and demographic data collection to advance health equity for ACOs.”

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