Creatv Bio’s LifeTracDx® Liquid Biopsy Predicts Response to New Line of Therapy for Metastatic Breast Cancer within 30 Days

Results to be presented at ASCO 2022 Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL

ROCKVILLE, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Creatv Bio, Division of Creatv MicroTech, Inc., announced today the release of an abstract featuring the results of its LifeTracDx® blood test for predicting response of metastatic breast cancer (mBC) to new lines of therapy following a single cycle of therapy induction. The results will be presented at the 2022 American Society of Clinical Oncology (“ASCO”) Annual Meeting June 3-7, 2022, one of the most influential oncology events in the world for presenting new cutting-edge advances in cancer science that will shape the future of cancer treatment.

Creatv Bio’s poster presents data showing that analysis of circulating stromal cells and circulating tumor cells from the blood of mBC patients undergoing therapy can predict tumor responsiveness to a new line of therapy within a single cycle of treatment, regardless of disease subtype or drug classification, including the cancer vaccine, Bria-IMTTM, developed by BriaCell Therapeutics Corp. (NASDAQ: BCTX) (TSX: BCT).

Session Title: Developmental Therapeutics—Molecularly Targeted Agents and Tumor Biology
Session Date and Time: June 5th, 2022, 8:00AM-11:00AM

Poster Title: Tracking Changes in Circulating Stromal Cells and Circulating Tumor Cells Predicts Responsiveness of New Line Induction in Metastatic Breast Cancer after 1 Cycle of Therapy

Poster Location: Poster number: 48; Abstract number: 3056

Daniel L. Adams, Creatv Bio Director of Clinical R&D, stated, “We are excited for the opportunity to present these results to the leaders in oncology and hope this study leads to larger interventional trials that one day will help all cancer patients. LifeTracDx® ‘s ability to rapidly identify MBC patients responding to a new therapeutic regimen after only one cycle of treatment could eventually be used to rapidly assess and alter patient’s therapy in real time, leading to improved patient outcomes.”

“We are looking forward to continuing our work with the experts at Creatv Bio as we advance the clinical development of our novel cellular immunotherapy for advanced breast cancer,” stated Dr. Giuseppe Del Priore, Chief Medical Officer of BriaCell. “We are hopeful that the technology will allow us to better identify breast cancer patients most likely to benefit from novel therapies.”

About BriaCell Therapeutics

BriaCell is an immuno-oncology focused biotechnology company developing targeted and effective approaches for the management of cancer. More information is available at .

About LifeTracDx® Liquid Biopsy

Creatv’s LifeTracDx® liquid biopsy is a commercialized Research Use Only test for the analysis of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) and Cancer Associated Macrophage-like Cells (CAMLs). LifeTracDx® tests are applicable for cancer screening, companion diagnostics, prediction of treatment response (including immunotherapy), prognosis, detection of residual disease at end of therapy, and early detection of cancer recurrence. LifeTracDx® tests can also provide unfragmented tumor DNA for sequencing. LifeTracDx® tests are currently being used in 20 active clinical trials and have been reported in over 21 peer reviewed journal publications to date.

About Creatv Bio

Creatv Bio, Division of Creatv MicroTech, is a privately-held cancer diagnostic company which pioneered LifeTracDx® liquid biopsy and CellSieveTM microfilters for cancer screening and diagnostics. The LifeTracDx® blood test has been shown to be applicable to all solid tumors, all stages, and all therapies, thereby benefiting not only patients, but also being ideally suited for advancing cancer drug development and clinical trials.



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