Having Successfully Reversed Aging, Extended Longevity, Inc., Opens Fundraise through Wefunder

MAUI, Hawaii–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Extended Longevity, a Hawaii-based longevity company focused on reversing the biomarkers of aging, has launched a crowdfunding offering on Wefunder, a portal that allows the public to get in early on some of the world’s most exciting startups. You can learn about our offering here: https://wefunder.com/extended.longevity.inc

Extended Longevity has introduced a product line of ten targeted phytotherapeutic formulations that have demonstrated significant success in decelerating the determinant factors of aging. The company is currently running medically supervised studies, with independent lab tests revealing that these formulations have regrown telomeres to lengths consistent with preteens, significantly lowered levels of inflammation, and rolled back the epigenetic clock by an astonishing 15 years.

Available on the Extended Longevity website are case studies detailing before and after results of a small test cohort, including a 68-year-old who successfully decelerated his epigenome biological age by 15 years, for two years in a row. “We have successfully flattened the aging curve,” said CEO and Founder Steven M Schorr. Additionally, the company has proven test results demonstrating a 14-year reduction in a 75-year-old, a 12-year reduction in a 58-year-old woman, and two 42-year-old men with age reversals of 10 and 12 years, among others. All have significantly regrown their telomeres to that of adolescents and maintain very low C-RP inflammation.

The field of longevity science is the next great leap in human biology, and Extended Longevity boasts a patent-pending solution with proven scientific results. This investment tranche will expand production capabilities, build brand awareness, and fund expanded ongoing trials to gather additional scientific data and show the continued success of its life-extending protocol.

CEO Steven Schorr is an entrepreneur and executive with 47 years of experience. He is a patented inventor and scientist dedicated to creating data-driven products for the health and wellness industry.


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