Milestone Scientific Expands Access to Safe, More Comfortable and Effective Epidural for Expecting Parents During Women’s Health Month

Innovative anesthesia delivery puts women’s health first, saving patients time and reducing cost and risk of unintentional dural puncture, which can lead to severe and chronic headaches

ROSELAND, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With post epidural side effects becoming more serious than previously known, today Milestone Scientific Inc. announced the availability of its CompuFlo® Epidural instrument in hospitals and health care institutions nationwide. Milestone Scientific remains committed to advancing women’s access to safe, innovative technology that increases efficiencies during labor. As May is National Women’s Health Month, the expanded access to the CompuFlo Epidural instrument might revolutionize health outcomes for women not only this month, but for years to come.

While safe and effective in most cases, each year, 2.4 million births involve epidural procedures and among the 4 million total annual births, unintentional dural puncture affects 5% of all epidural procedures performed, causing complications for new mothers. Among those patients, acute headaches account for 60–80% of patients. Milestone Scientific’s innovative computer-controlled injection device has seen growing adoption, particularly as individuals seek options for safer and more comfortable experiences when giving birth.

“The dural puncture rate is much higher than what we previously thought,” said Abraham Scheer, M.D., DABPN, a neuro-hospitalist with over 40 years of clinical experience. After an epidural failure or unintentional dural puncture occurs, neurologists are typically the medical staff called to step in and help patients. Dr. Scheer further noted, “I have seen too many cases of inadvertent epidural needle placement resulting in complications and this computer-assisted technology can drastically reduce or eliminate the vast majority of them.”

Milestone Scientific’s CompuFlo Epidural instrument increases patient safety, and experience, and improves outcomes by avoiding dural punctures with a 99% success rate at the first attempt. It also saves time and money for the institutions with cost savings of $504 per average patient stay.

“The current standard of care in epidural analgesia is dated from the 1900s and with the technology we have today, patients preparing for labor should have better, more effective and safe procedures,” said Arjan Haverhals, CEO and president of Milestone Scientific. “Giving birth is a pivotal moment in life and access to safe pain relief during that process is crucial. We are pleased to continue expanding access to this technology, drastically reducing risks and allowing for more reliable and effective applications of epidural anesthesia.”

Patients aren’t the only ones seeking better standards for epidural care. Innovation in epidural delivery is also top of mind for many anesthesiologists. In fact, a recent survey revealed that 56% of anesthesiologists feel the pressure of time and 96% say they must embrace new technologies.

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