Most innovative Product

Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Since the year 2000, the “Most Innovative Product” award for Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry has been given to innovative medications. The basis for awarding the title of Most Innovative Product is the Pharma Trend survey, which shows what product is considered to be the most innovative within each field of study. To collect these results, doctors from various disciplines complete online questionnaires. The survey is conducted on behalf of the trade journal Pharma Barometer – for Sustainability and Innovation.
The effectiveness and tolerability of the products, and the benefits observed so far in the use of the treatment are particularly decisive in granting the Pharma Award for innovation “Most Innovative Product”.

Early benefit assessment of medications

The medications chosen by doctors in response to the open question “what is the most innovative product?” had generally been introduced in the 36 months prior to the spring release of the annual survey, or had received an extension that was significant to the treatment development process. The Pharma Trend results are therefore highly valuable in the early assessment of the benefits of the medications. Thus, Pharma Trend provides a picture of the benefits of a medication, rather than having to rely solely on the observations of patients who have received the treatments so far.

“Most Innovative Product” 2016 Award Shortlist

The special feature of the “Most Innovative Product“ award in comparison with other accolades within the pharmaceutical industry, is the jury: the benefits of the medication are evaluated exclusively by doctors, based on their experiences of the application of the treatments among their patients.
The following medications made the 2016 shortlist for the Top3 products:

  • Acarizax by ALK-Abelló (Allergology)
  • Brintellix by Lundbeck (Neurology/Psychiatry)
  • Cosentyx by Novartis Pharma (Allergology, Dermatology)
  • Entresto by Novartis Pharma (General Practice & Internal Medicine, Diabetology)
  • Esmya by Gedeon Richter (Gynecology)
  • Gardasil 9 by SanofiPasteurMSD (Gynecology, Pediatrics)
  • Imbruvica by Janssen-Cilag (Oncology)
  • Jardiance by Boehringer Ingelheim (Diabetology)
  • Keytruda by MSD (Oncology)
  • Lemtrada by Sanofi Genzyme (Neurology/Psychiatry)
  • Lisvy by Gedeon Richter (Gynecology)
  • Nucala by GlaxoSmithKline (Allergology)
  • Ocrevus by Roche Pharma (Neurology/Psychiatry)
  • Opdivo by Bristol-Myers Squibb (Oncology, Urology)
  • Repatha by Amgen (Diabetology)
  • Scabioral by Infectopharm (Dermatology, Pediatrics)
  • Soolantra by Galderma (Dermatology)
  • Trulicity by Lilly (Diabetology)
  • Xofigo by Bayer HealthCare (Urology)
  • Xtandi by Astellas Pharma (Urology)
  • Zenapax by Roche Pharma (Neurology/Psychiatry)

“Most Innovative Product” – the 2015 Winners

The “Most Innovative Product” award is given based on the innovativeness and therapeutic benefits of the medications, often made clear by the application of the medication among separate groups of patients. The following medications received the award “Most Innovative Product” in 2015.

  • Bexsero by Novartis Vaccines (Pediatrics)
  • Brintellix by Lundbeck, (Neurology/Psychiatry)
  • Esmya by Gedeon Richter (Gynecology)
  • Forxiga by AstraZeneca (General Practice and Internal Medicine)
  • Imbruvica by Janssen-Cilag (Oncology)
  • Lemtrada by Genzyme (Neurology/Psychiatry)
  • Tecfidera by Biogen (Neurology/Psychiatry)
  • Trulicity by Lilly (Diabetology)
  • Xtandi by Astellas Pharma (Urology)