FertilityIQ Announces First-of-Its-Kind Menopause Education Offering & Record Uptake Amongst Employers and Patients

SAN FRANCISCO & AUCKLAND, New Zealand–(BUSINESS WIRE)–FertilityIQ, the global leader for fertility and family-building digital education, today announced the first-of-its-kind menopause education offering. The Menopause Offering consists of video courses led by the foremost menopause experts globally hailing from institutions such as Harvard Medical School, Imperial College London, University of Utrecht of the Netherlands, University of New South Wales of Australia, and others. The complete educational offering for women, patients, and employees offers crucial information for those going through perimenopause and the menopause transition.

“Great education is critical to helping women through menopause. FertilityIQ’s global courses are a valuable resource for patients, spouses, and employers,” says Dr. Nick Panay, the current president of the International Menopause Society and past Chair of the British Menopause Society.

By 2025, over one billion people globally will be in menopause with many reporting high levels of symptom severity. In countries like the United States, less than 20% of doctors receive training to treat menopause—creating a critical role for rigorous, up-to-date, and accessible patient-provided education.

“Given the magnitude and severity of the challenge, there are startling few trustworthy resources available to women,” says Deborah Anderson-Bialis, co-founder, CEO, and owner of FertilityIQ. “Our menopause courses equip women to advocate for themselves in all aspects of life—at work, at home, and at the doctor’s office. Through our education, women feel empowered to get the care they deserve and actively participate in ‘shared decision-making’ with their doctor—positively impacting their quality of life personally and professionally.”

Globally, the uptake of FertilityIQ’s menopause offering is amongst the quickest on record. To date, 100% of FertilityIQ’s multinational clients have decided to support its employees through the menopause offering. FertilityIQ clients comprise over 30% of the “Best Places to Work,” support employees in over 100 countries, and have a combined value of over $3 trillion.

FertilityIQ’s menopause offering provides pivotal, rigorous, and actionable education for those grappling with hot flashes, night sweats, genitourinary symptoms of menopause, brain fog, irritability, and osteoporosis with offerings focused on race and across the gender spectrum. Additionally, FertilityIQ courses enrich family members and colleagues with information and data to help support those around them.

Academics and society presidents teach FertilityIQ menopause courses on three continents across various disciplines including endocrinology, psychology, gynecology, bone health, oncology, transgender health, community health, and more.

To learn more about FertilityIQ’s complete offerings for fertility, global family-building, and menopause, visit fertilityiq.com/employers.

About FertilityIQ

FertilityIQ is digital education for fertility, family-building, and menopause. Clients utilize the offering to bring foundational knowledge to their employee’s health, well-being, and family goals. In the past four quarters, FertilityIQ has expanded globally with courses created for audiences in 50+ countries in native languages, taught by a local expert. Users boast FertilityIQ education has saved them an average of $3,000 and 98% speak to mental health saying, “I feel more calm and confident with access to FertilityIQ.” FertilityIQ has over 70 clients, with 30% of the world’s “Most Admired Companies” in their portfolio.


Mary Tinebra