Howie Mandel Joins NOCD to Change the OCD Conversation

Mandel joins forces with the world’s leading provider of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) treatment, to tear down barriers to treatment with the #KnowOCD campaign

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#OCD–Today, NOCD, the world’s leading provider of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) treatment, announces its partnership with comedian, actor and host, Howie Mandel, in launching the #KnowOCD campaign starting during Mental Health Awareness Month, May 2022. The campaign aims to raise awareness for the underserved global population that suffers from OCD, many of whom are improperly treated for other mental health conditions due to misdiagnosis. Mandel’s partnership with NOCD is a continuation of his longtime commitment to serving the global community of people with OCD. Throughout his illustrious career, Mandel has used his global spotlight to shed light on mental health awareness and share with the world what OCD really is: not a joke or personality quirk, but a potentially debilitating condition.

“After so much mental suffering throughout most of my life, it was a gift, first, to identify my issue as OCD. Once I was diagnosed, my journey to becoming a highly functioning, productive person could begin. The top two barriers were—and remain—the stigma attached to OCD and the lack of access to high-quality treatment,” says Howie Mandel.

NOCD is redefining OCD treatment with access to leading national and regional insurance providers, now available to over one in three Americans as a covered benefit providing a highly effective solution suited to the scale of the OCD community. The company has developed an expert-trained network of OCD specialists and increased global awareness and understanding of OCD.

NOCD’s Founder and CEO Stephen Smith says he “looks forward to this partnership as an opportunity to promote the understanding of OCD around the globe.” “OCD is a unique condition in that it’s currently recognized by nearly everyone, but understood by few. I’m confident that alongside Howie Mandel, we’ll redefine OCD’s connotation, reach those who need help the most, bring evidence-based treatment directly to them online, and end global suffering caused by OCD.”

NOCD has demonstrated that the new frontier of Community-Driven Therapy can serve large populations of people with debilitating mental health conditions. Inside the NOCD platform, members can receive ongoing, face-to-face teletherapy sessions from licensed NOCD therapists who specialize in OCD treatment. Members can also access twenty-four seven support outside of sessions, including therapist messaging, peer support groups, and self-help tools.

NOCD and Howie Mandel are excited to launch the #KnowOCD campaign that will change the way people understand and talk about this debilitating disorder. Join the conversation today! Visit to learn more.

About NOCD:

NOCD ( is the #1 telehealth provider for the treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and the leading company driving Community-Driven Therapy, a new frontier in behavioral healthcare that leverages condition-specific peer communities to identify consumers in need of help, encourage them to begin treatment, and serve them in a highly personalized way. The company helps people reclaim their lives with clinically proven OCD treatment by removing barriers to care and reducing the stigma associated with OCD. Inside the NOCD platform, members can quickly access a national network of licensed therapists who specialize in Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy, the “gold standard” for OCD treatment.

Working together with our therapists, patients, health plans, providers, and employers, we are improving the lives of people with OCD. Please visit our website for more information about NOCD.


Robert Capobianco

Chief Marketing Officer, NOCD