Dr. Kade ranks 3rd in the Pharma Trend Ranking 2020

Dr Kade belegt Platz 3 im Pharma Trend Ranking 2020

Dr. Kade is ranked 3rd in the multidisciplinary ranking “Best Pharmaceutical Companies Germany” 2020 in the category “Large Individual, Medium-sized and International Companies”. The latest new launch and candidate for the award “The Most Innovative Product” 2021 in the OTC category is the wash lotion KadeFemin®, which contains moisturising hyaluronic acid as well as a skin-soothing and itch-relieving ingredient of oats and is used in women’s intimate care.

Dr. Kade: Pioneer of industrially manufactured medicines

The family-owned company Dr. Kade produces and sells medicines and medical products in the fields of gynaecology, proctology, gastroenterology and vitamins. Dr. Kade Pharmazeutische Fabrik was founded in 1886 by Dr. Franz Lutze, who expanded the Berlin Oranien-Apotheke of the previous owner, Dr. Rudolf Kade, into a factory. In 1922, a foundation was laid for the company’s involvement in medicated proctology with the successful haemorrhoid drug Posterisan®, based on its own research; today it generates 45% of sales. Other well-known Kade products are over-the-counter gynaecological antimycotics (such as KadeFungin 3) and phytotherapeutics (Femikliman®), vitamin preparations (Multi-Sanostol®) and Riopan for acid-related stomach complaints. In 1997, Dr. Kade introduced the first natural progesterone preparation for hormone replacement therapy (Utrogest®) in cooperation with the French company Besins. The Siriderma skin care range opened up access to the dermatological OTC product market in 2019. Since 2020, the company has been operating with a new logo and website as Dr. Kade Health Care.

Administration and production are located in Berlin. In 2019, a turnover of approximately 80 million euros was generated, of which just under 80% is accounted for by the core market of Germany. The rest goes to 24 countries worldwide, including Japan. Over-the-counter medicines account for 60% of sales; accordingly, half of the 320 employees work in the strong pharmacy sales force – which was only formed in 2012. Every year, 5,000 training courses are held on the indications haemorrhoidal disorders, vaginal infections and heartburn.

Kade is certified according to the world’s most demanding environmental management system EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme). The proportion of women in the company is 60%, and 42% in management positions.